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My family history research was started back in 1999 and has developed and grown over time. I have learned a lot about how to do research, some do’s and don’ts and some tips that I wish I had known when I first began.

One quite exciting, but also overwhelming fact about family tree research is that each of us has multiple “branches” to research. Each of these branches has its own place of origin, as well as its own unique stories and facts. This makes it difficult to choose which branch to research first and where to begin.

Although I have done some research for all of my families branches, I have chosen one to do (what I would call) extensive research on. The ultimate goal would be to do this with every branch, but honestly, who has the time for that? J

With each branch of my family and my husband’s family, I have compiled a tree which includes individuals at least six generations removed, dates, stories (if I have been told any, or know any personally), and photographs if they are available to me. Because this can become such a grand undertaking, I have chosen one branch (the one that presented the biggest challenge to me) to dig into and research in greater depth.

For this particular research project, I have chosen to research my family’s Italian roots by looking into my father’s grandfather and his ancestors. I have also taken this several more steps because my father’s grandfather named Giuseppe, had ten children (that we know of). I have researched each of these ten children and their families to help gain a better picture of what this life was like after coming to America and settling here during the 1800 and early 1900s. I am also interested in knowing where our D’Alimonte (Delmont) family is today and attempting to keep our family connected.

I have taken the information, stories, histories, photographs, letters and documents that I have collected over the years and compiled them into a family history book that is so special to me because it contains the real life stories of my Italian family. I have also been able to share this book with family members and through that, hear more stories and fun facts that I had not known before.  * To view a page from my book, pleasSamuel Delmont (far right dark button up shirt with hat on)e go to the “Examples” page.

I am excited to share what I know with my children when they are ready , and to be able to pass along my knowledge to them. My grandma had a family Bible in which she kept records of births, deaths, dedications, military records… I love that she kept this Bible and recorded things as they happened. I have this Bible now and continue to keep it up well. I hope that keeping family history alive can be a part of my family for years to come.

Thanks for reading. Happy Searching!


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