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You will find that sometimes when you are looking on line for certain records (ie: vital statistics before a certain year), you will only have access to the index numbers from the records and you will not be able to view the actual record on line. When this happens, I start a “Get info” page. This way, when I go to order documents from an out of state facility or I travel locally to research, I can be prepared to get the information I need quickly.  * I do not have a “Get info” section in my family history binder, but it would not be a bad idea to add it if it would help you keep track of what you still need to get.*

On my “Get info” form, I jot down my ancestor’s name, birth/death dates, and the index #s that I need to find. Please visit my “Forms” section for a printable version to use during your research!

As you can see on my “Get info” form, I have a section where I can write notes as well. In this area, I can write if I found any other clues while looking, I can write down if in fact I found that the record I wanted did not match someone from my family tree. I can use it to write down if I order the document and pay for it, or if I simply printed a copy for research use. (Side note– If I can print copies for free or for a small amount of money, I generally do that rather than ordering a copy- saves money that way! Plus, I don’t care about having a certified copy. I just want the info from it).IMG_20160710_203337749

After I have collected a copy of each document that I am looking for (and sometimes I find more while I am searching… That is fun!)… Then I generally write “Got it” next to my “notes” section. Once I have all from a page, I either file it in my notes section of my book or throw it away (because I have all the copies in my other sections… birth or death records… ) I don’t need more than one sheet of paper telling me the same thing.

  • Make sure, that if you do end up throwing away your “Get info” page, that you have written down your sources so you have a record to back up your research facts. – Check back for a “Sources” page in forms to help you track your sources.

I know some of this information sounds so simple, but when I began my research, I really did not know how to obtain records, organize my research, or even advance my research. I am hoping that this “simplicity” will help you in your searches.

Thanks for reading! Happy searching.

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