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I am beyond excited to share that I have a family member who has the wonderful opportunity to travel to Italy and research more of our Italian heritage.

While she is there, we want her to be able to make the most of the time she has to research, so I put together a small research binder for her to travel with. I do have a great deal of information on our Italian ancestors and it would not make sense for her to take all of this information along with her.

IMG_20160813_211439745 (1)

The binder I put together for her to take is a 1/2” bendable binder divided into 8 sections with plastic tabs (each with a pocket to hold items if needed). The sections are divided into the following headings…

  1. Get Info
  2. Birth & Christening Records
  3. Marriage Records
  4. Death Records
  5. Census Records
  6. Misc.
  7. Not labeled – Filled with lined notebook paper for notes
  8. Not labeled – Saved to use as needed

In section #1, I have added some “Get Info” pages with the information that I believe would be important to have along in order to make a correct match.


I also added some blank Get Info pages in case she needs to add to our list.

In section #2 -6, I added empty page protectors for any documents that are obtained while she is in Italy!

In sections #7 & 8, I added some blank notebook paper for notes, contact or source information. – This information can be sorted through as the research happens and also once back at home.

** The extra pockets in each area can be of great help, especially if all of the page protectors are filled. The forms can still be filled in the correct sections and referenced easily.

When my relative goes to research in Italy, I want her to be prepared and have everything she needs in one place, and no extra information to rummage through that is not needed. This binder is user friendly and compact enough for easy storage during travels.

If you or someone from your family is planning to travel to discover more of your family’s heritage, please consider and encourage your relative to take along a small binder to use when collecting information. You will need to be prepared and organized in order to make the best of your research time.

Thanks for reading. Happy searching!


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