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I. Example of a page from my Delmont Family Tree Book.

Samuel (Salvatore) Delmont

Samuel was the 6th child born to Giuseppe and Marie. He was born July 13, 1900 in St. Paul, MN.When Samuel was young, he worked for the railroad. He was attempting to make money for further schooling, and would send his money home for his family to keep for him. When he returned home from working with the railroad, he eventually found that his family had been spending his money. This was the reason that he was unable to continue his education.

Samuel’s relationship with his father was apparently not the best. In his brother’s prison record, Samuel writes of his father and states that he is a “hypocrite…brutal and unfeeling”. He goes on to tell of his father betraying him and an older brother by keeping their money that they gave to him to keep for them for schooling. It is clear from his writing here, that he had very strong negative feelings toward his father.

Samuel married Elizabeth Widmer January 5th 1927. Together they had 5 children; Virginia, Sylvia, Joseph, Richard and Mary.

Elizabeth and Samuel met while working at the Northwood Country Club. Nick Delmont talked the manager into giving him a job at the Club. Samuel was raised Catholic and Elizabeth Lutheran. Samuel told her she had to change her church in order to be married to him. She did this and they were married.

Samuel and Elizabeth were all set to have a small wedding at St. Mary’s church. The priest forgot that he had a wedding scheduled that day, and was found by Del (Carmen Delmont) at a nearby bar. The priest was drunk. It was midnight by the time Del arrived at the church with the drunk priest, but Elizabeth and Samuel were determined to be married; so the priest went ahead and married them.

According to Elizabeth (Samuel’s wife), he made about $125.00 per month working at Kranks Barber Supply Company (between 1930-1935). After Kranks closed due to the depression, Samuel got his engineer’s license, which allowed him to operate a boiler. He then worked as a janitor for the City of St. Paul, MN (1935-1965). After he retired he worked occasionally for the St. Paul Public Safety Building, and also for Central and Harding High Schools and Jefferson and Riverview Elementary Schools.

Samuel was also a consultant for a West Coast Firm that develops new strains of Roses, and grew them for testing purposes. Samuel’s passions as an adult were writing books (never to be published) and tending to his rose gardens.

Samuel passed away September 24, 1980 while residing in St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN. According to family, Samuel was afraid of being “buried in the ground”, so he arranged for “entombment”.  The mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery was not finished at the time of Samuel’s death, so he was buried initially. When the mausoleum was finished, Samuel’s body was removed from underground, and placed in a “tomb” in the mausoleum.

“You must make time to cuddle your children, to read to them, to make note of how priceless the world is…the spoken word, the written word, and the messages they carry. You’ve got to instill in them a deep love and reverence for the spoken word.”

– Sam Delmont.

Samuel Delmont (far right dark button up shirt with hat on)

II. Example of a page from my Delmont Family Tree Book.

Carmen Joseph Delmont .


Carmen was the 2nd child of Giuseppe and Maria. He was born August 5, 1891 in St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN. Carmen’s nick name was “Del”. Carmen was married twice, His first wife was named Mamie G. Hellert. They were married October 8, 1914 in Hennepin County, MN. I do not know when they divorced, but I do know that on the 1920 US Census, he is living with his brother Nick and his wife and child. Carmen is listed as “Married”, but there is no mention of his wife at this point, and apparently she was not living with him and his brother’s family.

Dorothy Sievers was Carmen’s second wife. In the 1930 Census, Carmen and Dorothy are married and according to the census, they have been married for about 2 years (married around the year 1928).  Dorothy and Carmen never had any children.

Dorothy’s sister Anna Sievers lived with Dorothy and Del. I am told that another of Dorothy’s sisters (Ruth Sievers Lackey) had numerous children that she could not care for. Dorothy and Del raised one of her children named Penny (aka: Renee). Penny had a twin brother named Rodney (aka: John) who was not raised by Dorothy and Del. I am told that 2 other of Penny’s siblings (Patsy and Betty) were also frequent visitors to Carmen’s home, but did not live there as Penny did. I was told by Ruth’s granddaughter, that Ruth’s daughter Betty died at age 16 from a heart defect.

Ruth was having difficulty with the loss of her daughter, as well as having to raise her living children. Penny was also born with a small heart defect, and all of these things most likely contributed to Penny being raised by Dorothy and Del. Penny was married at age 16 or 17.

I am told that Del owned a bar called “Delmonts” in St. Paul (along with his brother Tony), and also that he sold real-estate and worked at Schweitz(?) on Arcade in St. Paul. I am also told, by all who knew Del, that he was an amazing, kind and gentle man. Many who knew him were very, very fond of him. Carmen passed away June 19, 1972 while living in St. Petersburg Florida. Dorothy Passed away October 1, 1986.

Carmen Delmont               Carmen Delmont 1

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