Here are some forms to help you on your family search journey! Feel free to print them and fill them in!

Family Tree Chart – This chart can be printed so you can start your tree by adding the information you know onto this family tree!

Basic Genealogy Interview Questions – This is a list of questions to help guide you through conversations with family members. These questions will allow you to enhance your knowledge of your family’s past and help you be able to better determine “matches” for your family tree.

Research Binder Section Pages – These pages are available for you to label each section of your family tree research binder. They are an organizational tool. Being organized will allow you to go much further with your family research and help you avoid losing documents, or having to page through many many pages to find what you need.

Research & Source Record – This form is available to help you keep track of your sources. Keeping a record of where you have obtained your information is critical for a successful and accurate family tree.

Get Info – This is another organizational tool that can help you keep track of information you have yet to find. I would complete this form prior to going to search at a historical society or a library. If you go some place to research it is helpful to be organized before you go.

TO GET record – This is an organizational tool that is similar to the Get Info form listed above. It is simply a different format- a different option. I like this option better, and have used it more often. Both good tools.



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