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Here is a listing of my favorite search sites. I will include a short description of why each one makes my list! I love free sites!

  1. – I love this site! It is free and contains numerous records that I have found extremely helpful (Birth, Marriage, Death, census… and lots more)… I can’t do it justice in this small amount of space. Check it out!!! FREE
  2. – This is another gem! This site allows you to search by surname. You can view your ancestor’s grave sites, cemetery photos and descriptions. If your ancestor is not found, or just the name is listed and no photo, you can request that it be photographed and added, and in my experience a researcher has been able to fill the request! Great site! FREE
  3.  – If you are researching ancestors who were born, lived or died in MN, this site is a great resource. You can look up on-line birth, death, marriage, census records and even photos. I used this resource quite a bit in my early research. YAY MINNESOTA! FREE
  4. – This is a subscription based site, but well worth the cost if you are really into your family history. This site has a wealth of information and also allows for messaging between members to help connect with others researching the same family tree. Highly recommend!
  5.   – This site is also a great source for records if you are looking in MN. I was able to locate immigration records from the late 1800s. I also had to e-mail with questions and they were wonderful about getting back to me promptly and answering my questions. FREE/Option to order 
  6.  – This site lists passenger manifests arriving to New York prior to Ellis Island being open. This site is a little tricky to navigate because you have to spell the names correctly in order to get good results. There is another “search” site called where you can make a broader search. FREE/Option to order 
  7. – This site will show you passenger lists & manifests for passengers arriving in New York at Ellis Island. I do not love the layout of this site for searching, but it does allow you to view the passenger lists and allows you to order it if  you desire. I believe most of the lists on this site are also on (some spellings may differ so it is good to try both sites). FREE/Option to order 
  8. – This site is a massive listing of genealogy sites. I think it is a great resource, but I get quite overwhelmed by all of the sites. You just may find what you are looking for here! FREE

Please check back, as I will add more as I find favorites. Also, feel free to comment with your favorite sites and why you love them!

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