Tip for Italian History!


In my quest to discover my Italian history, I have discovered (accidentally come across) some online resources that are FREE! One that has been particularly interesting, although time consuming,  http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.it/ This site offers online digital archives to be used for genealogical purposes. This website is in Italian, but can be translated. The microfilmed archives themselves are just scanned images and cannot be automatically translated.

This site allows you to browse the records, or search for names. I have attempted to search by name, not all names/records in this database are searchable. Don’t be discouraged if the name comes up as having no results. The record you are seeking could still be in this database. If you know the region where your ancestors are from, you could browse by region. It may take some time to navigate the site, but it could be well worth it!

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